Saturday, 14 June and Sunday, 15 June

Owen Square (Chelsea Park behind the Easton Community Centre) and along the Bristol / Bath Railway path.


Please help us and have fun! 

This is a wonderful event…It is unique, groundbreaking, innovative, exciting and it is FUN! We just need a few extra pairs of hands for a few hours over the weekend of the Easton Arts Trail to make it all happen. 

We are exhibiting litter-sculptures co-created in workshops by over 200 students from Whitehall Primary, City Academy and the Barton Hill Youth group. The artists involved are Fiona Campbell, Peter Margerum, and Jethro Brice.

On Saturday between 11am and 3pm, we have a get-together, which include litter-pickings along the cycle path, and litter-sculpture workshops with artists, Peter and Jethro.

As these sculptures will be on public display, we would like to tell the public a bit more about the campaign, and this is where we need you to help us. 

We need 3 people at a time, 2 people on the cycle path and 1 person in Owen Square.

The slots we need to fill are on Saturday: 2pm – 6pm and Sunday: 11am – 6pm.

If you could do half an hour, an hour, or even better 2 hours, it would be great. Why not fit it into your visit to the Arts Trail?  

Please email Annali at volunteers@litterarti.com with what time you can offer.

Event Map

Event Map for LitterARTI -Sculpture exhibition on 14 and15 June