The Artists’ involvement

  • Annali Grimes is producing the project, assisting and leading workshops, as well as contributing to the sculptures of the other artists. Annali is also working on an educational project with the City Academy students producing dolls made out of students’ litter collected over a set period.
  • Fiona Campbell explores our relationship with the natural world. Fiona creates mixed media sculptures wrought as primal, linear, nest-like structures. She likes reusing things, giving them a rebirth and the playfulness of creating forms from given shapes. She and Annali are co-creating a sculpture with a group of Key Stage 2 students from Whitehall Primary. The main art piece is constructed by Fiona, and during an afternoon workshop the students will be adding their art (created over weekly sessions with Annali) to the main sculpture.
  • Peter Margerum regularly runs sculpture workshops using recycled scrap materials and objects. He is co-creating a sculpture with Year 7 and 8 students from City Academy. He is creating the structure to be completed together with the students during a day workshop.
  • Jethro Brice uses found materials to elicit layered histories of place through different mediums. Through workshops and participatory art projects he develops approaches for an unsettled future and a contested past. Jethro is creating a sculpture by working collaboratively during weekly sessions with the local Barton Hill Youth group.