Creative workshop assistants and photographers needed (voluntary and half-paid / half – voluntary)

litterARTI exhibition and workshops by Recycling Artists at the Trinity Centre in Bristol

litterARTI and Trinity Community ARTS are hosting a weeklong exhibition / workshops at the Trinity centre from the 4 – 9 August.

It would involve an arts exhibition and workshops by Recycling artists for local youth groups and charities.

We would love to have people to assist us with the week. The type of people who would enjoy and benefit from this are people interested in the arts, education, and environment. We are looking to set up a team to help us with this work for next year on a much larger scale, so there is an intention that good relationships will be formed to allow for paid work for next year.

The theme we are exploring is our relationship with waste, and will do dedicated creative workshops and sessions around specific materials each day.

The duties for the week between 4 – 9 August would include:

  • Assisting the artists with workshops.
  • Assisting the organiser / curator with exhibition duties – including set up, and moving displays around each theme.
  • Assisting educators ensuring the information about the environmental impact of the materials get communicated clearly.
  • Photography, and filming the exhibition

How you can benefit:

  • Learn environmental facts and experience ways to educate about waste / recycling / sustainability creatively.
  • Training to assist in creative workshops with artists.
  • Learn how to organise events and curate exhibitions.
  • Opportunity to meet local charity groups and build potential relationships with these groups, for further work.
  • An event to document (for portfolio purposes) – we are raising funds for this opportunity currently.
  • Be part of a ground-breaking event and a grassroot organisation, with lots of potential for collaboration for future events.

We would also benefit from expertise in crowd funding, project management, admin duties and graphic design as well as marketing , from the 21st July, which will include, social media, administrative duties, managing a crowd funding campaign and other fundraising incentives. also research into topics, and design of posters and collateral for the exhibition.

Please let us know you interest, expertise, or what you can offer.Also let us know what days you would be available. We would require character references from people who would like to assist with workshops.

Apply at: