ARTISTS and PERFORMERS CALL-OUT: Litter – Awareness creative engagement events 2015

LitterARTI - Call out for Artists, Performers, Musicians, Puppeteers... for Litter-Awareness Campaigns across Bristol 2015!

During 2015 LitterARTI is tackling litter extensively raising awareness though city wide events, and performances and installations. We are calling artists and performers who are passionate about the issue of “litter” to get in touch with the LitterARTI team.

We have been fortunate to receive funding from Bristol 2015 Green Capital and are working with numerous partners on addressing litter in Bristol in fun and exciting ways. Through this project we use litter-issues as an opportunity to bring all peoples together around issues which affect all of us. And all this through art and creativity. Litter provides an opportunity for communities to actually address an issue, take action on it, while seeing tangible results from it. This in itself is empowering.

Litter is like the irritating, loud little sister – of the sustainability issues family. Always following you around, but not threatening – not on the scale of the impeding energy crisis, water and food shortages, threatening of valuable natural resources and our comfortable lifestyles to only mention a few things… all complex and sometimes very debilitating concepts.

But, by taking care of our little sister, by nurturing her, and importantly, not ignoring her, you realise the importance she has in the family and also let her realise her own value in helping to bring attention to climate change to hard to reach audiences, and enabling and empowering us to do something about it within supportive communities.

ps. note this does not in any way resemble the relationship I have with my own sister. Ed.