Pop-Up Exhibition at Small is…Festival 13/14 September


We had the opportunity to put together an imprompto pop-up exhibition during the Small is… Festival in Bristol, St, George’s Hall over the weekend.

What we learned is how quickly we can put something like this together, and the potential it holds for public spaces, including shopfronts, office spaces and universities for educational or awareness days, talksĀ and conferences on sustainability, waste and recycling.

What art brings to the table in finding solutions towards sustainability is that is inspires curiosity, and then to be curious about something, makes you want to learn more about it, thus opens up a space for education and conversations about waste materials.

Get in touch if you have events coming up, we are happy to come and set up an exhibition to supplement your sustainability message.

Artwork created by: Object…, Fiona Hobson, Thomas Dowdeswell, Fred Plumley, Sadie Few, and Joel Calvert.

LitterARTI at Small is... Festival in St. George's Hall this weekend, Bristol

LitterARTI at Small is… Festival in St. George’s Hall this weekend, Bristol

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