Portway Sunday Park Sunday 25 October!

Portway Litter Peace Bench

Upcoming events include building a Peace bench with Groundworks South  as part of the Portway Sunday Park  2015 Bristol Green Capital event.

It is a really underrated event, right next to the gorge, with the echos of silence around you without any cars around. It is truly been one of my favourite days out all year!

We have been looking for a space to build this bench, and have decided to take it back to Groundworks South HQ up in Lockleaze. The idea is to collect litter and stuff colddrink bottles with the messy stuff. this then gets compressed enough to form bricks which are used in the structure for the bench, together with an Avon mud mix amongst other things… more details on this on Sunday!

I went up to see the Time and Space Richard Long Exhibition at the Arnolfini the other day, and was like duh! what an inspiration to use for our bench. Richard Long was very inspired by the Avon, and still uses the clay in his works – as is seen in the Arnolfini as well.

So we invite you to come and enjoy one of the walks organised on the day on the Portway, feel our connection with the Avon River, and from this be inspired to decorate our bench with mud from the Avon – these will be transferred to tiles in a printing process – and then we will be documenting the stories and inspirations from the connection with this space to inspire the piece for installation in Lockleaze.

We will be there from 2pm.

Also join in the Carnival Procession of the St Pauls Carnival Organisers and show your support to keep this Festival going again in the new year! There will also be music and bike rides on the day! Really this is one not to miss!

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Avon Gorge on  the Portway in Bristol

Avon Gorge on the Portway in Bristol





litter peace bench process

litter peace bench process

Litter Peace Bench initial exploratory ideas

Litter Peace Bench initial exploratory ideas

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