Creative Workshop with Easton Energy – Beat the Cold Event


LitterARTI had another event taking place with the Easton Energy Group: Beat The Cold. A Local Community Event bringing local incentives together under one roof at the Easton Community Centre. Groups included were: Easton Energy, Foodcycle, and Demand Energy Equality with their DIY solar panel workshops.

Two artists, Annali Alletha and Phipholle were there doing creative recycling workshops exploring household waste. Plastic bottles and yogurt pots. The fun to work with waste materials, is that it allows for experimentation, no need being precious about materials here! It was quite funny actually collecting the plastic bottles from the parks and on the cycle path, as the coloured plastics are becoming quite a commodity!

Phipholle with her flower girls(and boy!)

LitterARTI Workshop: Phipholle with her flower girls(and boy!)

Annali Alletha making fan using yogurt pots, and plastic bottles

LitterARTI WORKSHOP: Annali with kids making fans using yogurt pots, and plastic bottlesĀ