litterARTI and Trinity Community Arts event 5 - 10 August 2014

A Quote from Kenneth Martin on Constructivist Theory:

“Material can inspire. Concept dictates material. Material qualifies concept. “

Litter is a symbol of our mindless behaviour of over-consumption. By using this readily available , but apparently value-less material in the co-creation of significant public art-pieces, litter is transformed into a symbol of beauty, hope, empowerment and unity. It provides an opportunity for art to play an active role in finding solutions to sustainability, by

  • Raising awareness
  • Creating empathy
  • Articulation – by giving communities a voice
  • encouraging expression and critical thinking through creativity
  • active education through engagement
  • creating confidence
  • inspiring activism and action

By facilitating workshops, the creative process deepens a connection with the material. The message gets internalised, stimulating further interest in the subject of sustainability.

An exhibition space dedicated to litter, stimulates informal conversations, encouraging us to question our own relationship with waste.

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