Macy and Ace and LitterARTI host Christmas workshops to make sustainable christmas gifts and deocrations for the month of November

LitterARTI has a fantastic opportunity for Recycling-artists to run Make-your-own Christmas Gifts and Decorations workshops as part of a new pop-up gallery in Old Market with Maisy + Ace during the month of November. Please read more about that here: 

Trinity Community Arts is having a Christmas Market on 6th of December and they are offering a free stall in exchange for a creative upcycling workshop. (Workshop minimum an hour). To book a workshop with a stall, email: and mention LitterARTI.

We thought this would work well in collaboration with other artists, so this leads me to the last bit of our communication.

We are planning a Creative Playday for artists to explore “waste” materials to promote the idea of re-use and recycling. Venue and Date to be confirmed, but the idea is for recycling-artists to come together, explore materials, collaborate with other artists, share techniques and ideas and just hang out for a day. Re-Use and Recycling are hot topics in the Green capital Agenda and there are opportunities for creative workshops to promote these concepts for 2015. To start collaborating now might be good to set up working partnerships, which we would be happy to promote in setting up LitterARTI workshops to take place next year as part of Green Capital 2015.

The planned date would be the last week of October, either Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, (29,30,31). Please email Annali at: to show your interest.

It will be free of charge, but for artists to bring along the recyclables and materials and tools they would like to explore and share. So artists can move around freely and work together. Ps. also share your preference for days for these workshops to take place on a regular basis as we could set this up if there is enough interest.