The Environs


Join Soap Soup Theatre and Lady Strong’s Bonfire as they take you into the world of marine plastics pollution and conservation through a short theatre performance, discussion workshop and create puppets from recycled materials.

The-Environs: Plastic Pollution Awareness by Soapsoup Theatre and Ladystronbonfire

The-Environs: Plastic Pollution Awareness by Soapsoup Theatre and Ladystrong Bonfire

Artists / Performers: Tessa Bide, Tomasin Cuthbert and Liz Hart.

  • Introducing Young people to Marine pollution (in particular plastics) and Marine conservation and exploring ways to contribute in a responsible way.
  • A deeper conversation about the problems the oceans face, and how young people can help
  • An upcycled puppet to display in school.


  • To make them aware, and make them care!
  • To give them things they can do to help the environment
  • An understanding of how things can be reused to make new things.
  • To gain confidence in being creative
  • To encourage artistic creativity, and creative thinking with recycled materials.

For KS1 & KS2

Full Morning or Afternoon Workshop

Class of 30 children

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