Rotters & Recyclers


Natures recyclers do it better! Discover the range of minibeasts who weave their magic on the waste from plants and transform natures ‘rubbish’ into soil! Pupils will create their own minibeast hotel from our rubbish.

Rotters-and-recyclers: Creative Workshop with Ruth Worseley

Rotters-and-recyclers: Creative Workshop with Ruth Worseley

Artist / Facilitator: Ruth Worsley

Pupils will:

  • Students learn about the life cycles of minibeasts, their names, and how plants grow.
  • They also learn how to handle and treat creatures gently and safely.
  • Create a ‘minibeast’ habitat
  • Finding and Understanding where small creatures live
  • Creating a dish of food for their minibeast and writing a menu
  • Collect ingredients to make a new material (soil)
  • Collect cards ensure plants grow
  • Explore elements of Working scientifically and Living Things and their Habitats in the       Science Curriculum.


Pupils will gain knowledge in:

  • How nature recyclers and importance of soil in how plants grow
  • How to help safeguard the natural world – by providing a safe site for insects to thrive
  • The requirements of plants needed to grow and why some plants don’t grow
  • Different natural materials that make up soil and that litter does not help make soil
  • Food chains
  • Names of minibeasts and their life cycles
  • A ‘minibeast’ hotel to display in school.

For KS1 & KS2

Full Morning or Afternoon Workshop.

Class of 30 children

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