Anti-Litter Workshops


Creative sculpture making workshop, educating about the effects of litter and waste in the environment. Connecting the message locally within their community creating an art piece for either the school, their local youth club, or by giving it to a local charity organisation. ie. old age home.

XMas Lights LitterARTI made with Seamills Youth Club

XMas Lights LitterARTI made with Seamills Youth Club to decorate the Cafe’ on the Square – a Community owned coffee shop in Seamills.

Artists: Eduardo Allen and Annali Grimes (LitterARTI)

During the workshop pupils will

  • Understanding of the effects of litter, through embodied and experiential learning.
  • Challenge anti-social behaviour and the effects there of.
  • Understand the connection between self-respect and looking after one’s environment
  • Realise our responsibility to take care of nature.
  • Be creatively challenged to try new techniques to work with everyday materials which are sometimes difficult to handle.
  • Be encouraged to consider sustainability issues through careful facilitation.
  • See the value in materials through promoting re-use. The message gets internalised through working with everyday waste materials brought from home. Through exploring the materials and using them to make art – they turn from wasteful into a useful resource.
  • Work in small groups
  • Share skills and ideas
  • Use hand tools under supervision


  • A sculptural piece for display within their community.
  • Communication and listening skills
  • Team working skills
  • Creative thinking skills
  • Motor skills with materials
  • Problem solving in attaching parts together.
  • Decision making and appreciation of the affects of our choices.
  • Added value of the sessions are: Self-respect, self-confidence, value of their community, team work, resilience.

For KS1 & KS2

2 x Full Morning or Afternoon Workshops

Class of 30 children

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