LitterARTI works with an array of freelance artists, sculptors, performers, environmental educators, and photographers. All staff work as freelancers working on a volunteer basis. We hope to mature into a place where we can generate enough income to allow us to not only pay towards running costs of the organisation – but also paying staff.

Annali Grimes

Annali Grimes

Founder and Director – Annali Grimes comes from a background leading creative projects and managing online campaigns and is focusing her energies on exploring creative solutions to becoming a more sustainable society. The role of art and creativity as cultural catalyst for change in education, raising public awareness, and communication .



Project Manager and Administrator – Delphine Briere has been volunteering for LitterARTI for the last 2 years. She is a project manager but also an upcycling artist as Phipholle. She also has a great love for organising things and helps with the accounts and administration duties for LitterARTI. Her latest contribution was to set up our online shop and bringing upcycling artists together under the collective – with the idea to develop training courses.


Creative Partner and Sculptor – Eduardo Allen is a sculptor and musician. He comes from a background creating musical scrap sculptures in Portugal and plays the Harmonica for a Blues Band in Bristol. He is the backbone of the organisation; hands on, practical, making, building, organising and fixing things.

Creative Partner – Carike West is on the managing committee of LitterARTI and brings a passion and skill for art, the outdoors and all things beautiful to our team.

Nick, Joe, and June

The Post Pierian Phoenix

The core founding members were the former Pierian Centre – June Burrough, Joe Hoare and Nick Thomas – who brought expertise in curating community projects. The Pierian Centre hosted community and art events in the heart of Bristol over a period of 10 years. An important role they played was campaigning for greater social inclusion.


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